Notice to Locust Street, Ingalls Terrace, Park Street and Clark Road Homeowners.

As part of the District's on-going program to improve water quality and flow in our water distribution system, we are upgrading the water mains on Locust Street and Ingalls Terrace. The project involves the replacement of existing water main pipes and replacing them with new pipes. Agganis Construction of Saugus will be starting the work for the District during the first week of August. If you have any questions, regarding the work that is occurring, please call the District at 781.598.4223.

The next Board Meeting of the Water Commissioners will be held Monday, October 17, 2016 at 7:00PM at the District office.

1. Minutes of September 12, 2016
2. Treasurer's Report
3. Superintendent's Report
4. Other
5. Adjournment

Who Do We Service?
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ABBEY LANE                             HIDDEN VALLEY ROAD                    PARK STREET
ALEXANDRA ROAD                 HORSESHOE DRIVE                           PYBURN ROAD
ARCHER LANE                         W. HUCKLEBERRY ROAD                 RAMSDELL WAY
BISHOPS LANE                        HUNTING LANE                                 ROBIN ROAD
BLUEJAY ROAD                       INGALLS TERRACE                           ROSS DRIVE
BROADWAY                              JENSEN STREET                                ROSSMORE ROAD
BROOK DRIVE                         KIMBALL LANE                                  SALEM STREET
CANTERBURY ROAD              KINGS ROAD                                      SPARHAWK DRIVE
CLARK ROAD                           LAKE STREET                                    SQUIRE LANE
COUNTRY CLUB DR.              LAKEVIEW DRIVE                             STAFFORD ROAD
DALY ROAD                             LARA ROAD                                        STAGECOACH LANE
DEBSTON LANE                      LAUREL ROAD                                   STANDISH ROAD
DEWING ROAD                       LEDGE ROAD                                     STONEWAY
DONCASTER CIRCLE             LIBERTY LANE                                    STONE LANE
DONCASTER ROAD                LOCKSLEY ROAD                       SUMMER STREET (880-1105)
DOUGLAS ROAD                    LOCUST STREET                                 SUNTAUG STREET
DUNSTAN ROAD                    LONGBOW CIRCLE                             SYLVAN CIRCLE
EDGEMERE ROAD                 LONGBOW ROAD                               SYLVAN TERRACE
FAIRVIEW AVENUE               LOOKOUT TERRACE                          TEDFORD LANE
FAIRVIEW ROAD                    LYNNBROOK ROAD                           TIMBERHILL LANE
FALLWAY                                 LYNNFIELD STREET                    TIMBERHILL TERRACE
FERNWAY                                MANSFIELD ROAD                             UPTON LANE
FLETCHER ROAD                  MAPLE STREET                                   VOKES TERRACE
FRIARS LANE                         MONROE STREET                     WALNUT STREET (235-767)
GREEN STREET                      MOULTON DRIVE                               WARD TERRACE
GROVE STREET                      NOTTINGHAM ROAD                         WESTWAY
HARVEY PARK                         OAK STREET                                       WILLOWDALE DRIVE
HAWKES LANE                        OCTOBER LANE                                 WINCHESTER DRIVE
HEATH CIRCLE                      OTTER POND ROAD                           WITHAM STREET



The LWD is bordered on the north by the Lynnfield Center, on the east by Peabody, on the south by Lynn and Saugus and on the west by Wakefield. In addition the district also provides water to over 90 percent of all commercial customers in the town of Lynnfield.

The mission of the LWD is to provide reliable, cost-effective, high-quality water and maintain customer confidence. Presently the district has an abundant supply of water and does not anticipate any shortage in the future.

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Reverse 911 Comes to Lynnfield - Town Selects CodeRED

The Town of Lynnfield and its two water districts – the Lynnfield Center Water District and the Lynnfield Water District - has contracted with Emergency Communications Network, Inc. (ECN) to license its “CodeRED” high-speed notification solution to bring Reverse 911 to Lynnfield. The CodeRED system provides Lynnfield officials with the ability to quickly deliver messages to targeted areas or the entire town in the event of an emergency. The mass notification system will be used to notify residents of emergency situations or important municipal announcements via mass phone calls, texts, and e-mails.

ECN’s sophisticated network supports a web-based product suite featuring CodeRED. The high volume and high speed communication service employs a unique geographical-based system capable of dialing thousands phone numbers per hour. It can deliver the pre-recorded message to a live person or an answering machine. CodeRED will automatically include all listed numbers in the Town of Lynnfield. In order to supply cell phone numbers and e- mail addresses, all residents and businesses are required to log onto the Town of Lynnfield website at, and follow the link to the "CodeRED Community Notification Enrollment" page or use the link provided here:


Please click on the CodeRed logo above to enter your data into the reverse 911 database.